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Unlock Code Sony Xperia TL

Are your Sony Xperia TL simlocked to a specific carrier? Is it not possible to change the simcard in it? We can help you unlock it remotely so you can use any simcard in it.

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If your Sony Xperia TL is simlocked to a specific carrier you will not be able to change to a simcard from another carrier. If you for some reason want to change to another carrier then you need to have your Sony Xperia TL unlocked first. 

We offer you a really easy and safe way to unlock your Sony Xperia TL remotely. By unlocking your phone with our method you will not void your warranty or lose any data in any way, it’s totally risk-free! 

Once you place an order with us we will start generate your phones unique unlock code immediately. When you have the unlock code you just enter it in to your Sony Ericsson Xperia TL, much in the same way as you dial a phone number and your handset will be unlocked. 

It takes approximately 5 working days for us to have your unlock code ready. When your code is ready it will be sent to you by email together with the instructions on how to enter them.

Please note: It doesent mather what carrier your phone is locked to, we can provide the unlock code for all carriers.


Very important, read this before you order your code.

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Your phones IMEI

In order to generate your phones unique unlock code we need its IMEI. The IMEI is the phones unique 15 digit serial number. To get your phones IMEI you just enter in the dialpad:


Please be careful when enter the number so you get all the numbers right.

Please Enter IMEI: 
* Required
Your Phones Serial

The phones Serial number is a 10 sign long code that consists of both letters and digits. The easiest way to find it is to look under the battery. Please look att the following picture to se an example of a Serial number.

Another way is to go to:

Please Enter Serial: 
* Required

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